Custom CNC Work

Precision like never before

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) services refer to the use of computer-controlled machines to manufacture precise parts and components for a variety of industries. Equipe Cabinets provides CNC services across 3 main areas as described below.

Custom Panels

We create a range of custom paneling which is made to suit the vison of your wants and needs. Once a suitable design is made, the design comes to life where it is machined, and painted (2pac) with the desired choice of paint.

Materials: 18mm white satin melamine (high density) MR MDF

Custom Lettering, Engraving and Shapes

With the CNC machine and custom design, we are able to design, create and produce your own custom parts.

Materials: any MDF/chipboard, plywood and alucabond

Custom Jewellery Storage

The made to suit jewellery storage, is a drawer insert, that is created to suit the user’s design.  The insert is made out of felt framing, and an additional felt board to sit on in the drawer.

Comes in grey or black.

Please refer to the Gallery for more custom ideas that we create.

If any original ideas that you want brought to life, feel free to email our designers at [email protected].